Recipe for happiness

I was looking at the interior of a nicely decorated shop close to my house and then I noticed this and captured on my mobile phone. By the way my own personal recipe of happiness is doing something and, preferably, creating something and not just sitting idle.


Simplifying the struggle of finding a good job

Few days ago I was there in a superstore very early. In the vegetables section staff was unloading fresh vegetables and arranging on shelves and displays. One of the staff members, wearing same uniform like others, was working quickly and enthusiastically, helping his colleagues along with his own work, making eye contact with customers, saying hello [...]

Solitude on a job

Sometimes I get support calls from my customers which just surprise me. The question asked is such a trivial one which one could have answered himself or herself after a few moments of thinking of alternatives or possibilities. So when I ask them to 'check again' your problem in software they reply "It is ok [...]

An unspoken, ongoing tragedy

It takes 16 years by highly competent educationists to instill fear of failure in you. Fortunately they are 'lucky' to have at least 6 hours access to your brain during these 16 years and are highly successful in achieving their 'goal' of installing fear of failure. In all seriousness these educationists are probably doing their [...]

So the right recipe for success is?

The prefect business success formula has not been discovered yet. The proof is that business consultants, gurus, entrepreneurship mentors are all still doing great business. Is following your passion key to success? I know many examples where people are doing great businesses without a single bit of passion. And I also know people who are [...]

We are all blinds

Well not in literal meanings. We are all blind in the sense that we cannot see all the things that do not have relevance to us or don't matter right now. We very precisely ignore them as if we have not seen them. This capability of ignoring things of our brains is very important for [...]