Power of focus

Ok, I am as ambitious (is this word a nice substitute for being greedy?) as anyone can be or as every one wants to be. Which means I want to do lots of things; lots of projects; lots of clients; lots of programming; lots of marketing activity, lots of every thing. Unfortunately whenever I try to do lots of things I fail. My productivity grinds to halt which in turn depresses me which then again affects my productivity which then … You get the idea what happens. This is especially true with tech work like computer programming which I have to do as part of my job; I am least productive when I am not focused.

I have heard about people who are multi-tasking and can do many diverse things in one day and still remain producitve. Where are those people? If you know any one let me know.

And the opposite is just as much true. If I do one thing, and just that one thing, then I am super productive. But that then means I have to ignore friends’ calls, any marketing work here and there, need to completely delegate support calls, avoid errands, avoid any ‘recreational’ activity or just about any activity which can take some part of my mind.

This is power of focus.

Focus does not requires effort, it requires will; a strong one. Effort then follows ‘effortlessly’.

power of focus


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