Why I broke red traffic signal yesterday


Yesterday I was late from my office and I was in real hurry. I had to cross many traffic red lights without stopping so that I could reach my office on time. Don’t get me wrong. I am usually a law abiding citizen and I do wait at a crossing with red light to turn green before I move. But that day I had some real urgency and I had to break the law.

Now that made me feel guilty as I crossed that red signal. Feeling guilty is not a comfortable feeling. After all who wants to think himself a bad guy? At least I am not the person who will consider myself a ‘criminal’.

So *after* breaking the law I started looking for ‘genuine’ reasons why I broke the law.

… I was doing it once and first time so it was not that bad.

… I was not trying to harm any one, so it was ok.

… I could get fired for being late, make it difficult to provide bread and butter to my family which is a much bigger responsibility.

… Our government is not doing anything for jobless people and I could be jobless. I had to take the law in my hand by breaking this traffic signal because government is not doing enough. Makes sense. Right?

… I help a charity organization with regular contribution which works to help people who are suffering from poverty and that cause would be hurt if I would not cross that signal. May be God has sent me in this world to take care of these vulnerable people with my contribution.

Slowly I started feeling better from that guilt. In fact I started feeling stupid for that feeling of guilt and I praised myself to take that step to break the traffic signal. The last justification I mentioned above, being part of a bigger cause for the sake of humanity, made me feel warn.

Suddenly, on my last turn, a big truck, driven recklessly, broke traffic signal and rammed into my car. My car was crushed and I was dead; instantly; right on the spot.

(Dedicated to those people who think killing others for a reason, they have justification for, is ok. Written on the day of deadly bomb blast in Gulshan Iqbal park, Lahore which killed 69 people. Photo by Dawn newspaper.)

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