Solitude on a job


Sometimes I get support calls from my customers which just surprise me. The question asked is such a trivial one which one could have answered himself or herself after a few moments of thinking of alternatives or possibilities. So when I ask them to ‘check again’ your problem in software they reply “It is ok now. What have you done?”. And they don’t believe me that I have not done anything and the fault was in their observation.

This lack of attention has certaininly not to do anything with education. Their office activities are probably occupying their minds so much that they find little time to concentrate even for few minutes on a particular thing. They are thinking too fast. Situation has been made more miserable with the flood of information from new Internet and mobile channels like text messages and social media.

One solution could be to give 10-30 minutes to your employees to be alone so that they don’t do anything but think what they are doing and how they could do it better; may be without any access to Internet and mobile. This will benefit probably both of them; employer and employee.


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