So the right recipe for success is?

The prefect business success formula has not been discovered yet. The proof is that business consultants, gurus, entrepreneurship mentors are all still doing great business.

  1. Is following your passion key to success? I know many examples where people are doing great businesses without a single bit of passion. And I also know people who are failures because they are following their passions.
  2. Access to money/funding? Many small businesses start from nothing.
  3. Knowledge? Business world is full of illiterate people.
  4. Book reading? I know only 1 businessman who is a book reader out of hundreds I deal with.
  5. Contacts? Many people in government jobs have lots of contacts. They are often failure.
  6. Business idea? You can think of 100 great ideas but are you sure any of it will work?
  7. Great planning? Every day is a different day than what we thought it would be.
  8. Hard work? Most employees work harder than their boss/business owner. So what?
  9. Reading and internalizing great business quotes? The right answer would be ‘lol’ as far as I am concerned.
  10. Luck? Something not in our control so perhaps not helpful to discuss.

So what it is which helps with a successful business?

Well, business consultants, gurus and entrepreneurship consultants will all try to sell their ‘unique formula’ in one way or other. But, as I said above, these people would be doing their own business instead of selling the skill of doing business if they believed in their formula themselves.

The one formula which I have ‘discovered’ is to do something, any thing. And then keep doing something, anything, until you are successful. Change your course of action, change your business idea while you learn during this ‘doing’ process.

But the key phrase is just that; ‘KEEP DOING SOMETHING’.

I am sure I don’t need to define the ‘DOING’ part. Yes, it is not planning, it is not keep seeking advice. It is DOING, failing, altering the course and then keep DOING again.


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