We are all blinds

Well not in literal meanings. We are all blind in the sense that we cannot see all the things that do not have relevance to us or don’t matter right now. We very precisely ignore them as if we have not seen them.

This capability of ignoring things of our brains is very important for our day to day routine. It is simply not possible to pay attention to each and every detail of life which crosses our path.

I am sure you have heard all the jokes about absent-minded professors. These are probably true. More focused a person is, more “blind” he is to things which don’t interest him. So much so that he or she will not notice something which seems so obvious to you and me.

The reverse is also true. People who are scattered-minded will pay attention even to the things which are of least important to them. These people will often surprise you and you will just think what the hell they are up to.

The purpose of thinking is indeed to become more focused, to eliminate thinking as much as possible. Paying attention to everything, scattered thinking, is probably not going to take us to anywhere.

For this reason “exposing” yourself to various attention stimuli without any plan can decrease your ‘blindness’ or focus forcing you to pay attention to the things which may be interesting but not useful for you. Attention stimuli can include watching excessive movies, meeting too many people, talking too much to many people, browsing facebook as well as numerous other kinds of activities. This is ok only if it is done for the sole purpose of pleasure and we are aware of the results of ‘de-focusing’.

There also also times when we consciously want to look at what we are not looking at to learn more and to create new ideas. In this case ‘extra-curricular’ attention stimuli become helpful to show us the things which we were not looking at. Talking to wise people with the intention to learn from them, watching a documentary or educational video to see new things, attending a party to make new friends, traveling to new places to see things from a different angle are all such attention stimuli to help us de-focus for a purpose.


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