Fake degrees by Axact and other universities

There are two kind of fake degrees; the ‘real’ fake degree and the fake ‘real’ degree.

  1. You open a company similar to ‘AXACT’, hire sales people, ‘create’ 30 universities on a ‘server’ and start issuing degrees. Bad idea. This is ‘real’ fake degree.
  2. You ‘open’ a university in a small place, hire teachers who know the names of the text books of their subjects, enroll students and make sure students have some attendance. Then mid terms, term exams, assessments, assignments. All the focus is on format rather than learning to pretend you are ‘delivering’ education. Then issue a degree. No one can object that. This is fake ‘real’ degree.

As owner of university you also get some kind of phd degree for yourself from somewhere, starting calling yourself ‘doctor’ and become a ‘respected’ personality of the society.

The real problem is that the alternative way of educating yourself without the, now obsolete and almost useless, structural setup of colleges and university and HEC is not property structured yet and has not been formally endorsed by the society.

This then allows only few very courageous ones to follow the non-formal education path. Rest of the people keep wasting their time, money and energy in what ‘every one else’ is doing and keep wondering why they are unable to do something useful for themselves and for the society.

Young boys and girls who are from privileged families or section of society seem to do really good even after getting such degrees. This is because they can join their already established family business, find a job with their family or friends’ contacts or have the exceptional confidence to go any where and ‘prove’ their worth.

The real victims are young people from middle class who don’t have any family business, don’t have extra money or contacts or even confidence to meet the people who matter. They keep wondering what was all this fuss about the degree they have just got and is not taking them anywhere.

As always there are exceptions. But they are just that; exceptions.


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