An outsider’s view into our lives

An outsider’s view important into our lives is important.

The natural mental bias of our brain, based upon past experiences and emotions, makes us love what we already love and hate  what we already hate. The zealous supporters of any religious sect or a political party are one example of this phenomenon. Deceiving ourselves with our own thoughts is not too difficult.

There are two ways we can get outsider view:

  1. We can specifically ask someone close to us to advise us on a particular problem we are facing and listen to him or her without interrupting. We may not agree but we need to listen by disabling our quick judgement for the time being.
  2. When it seems too awkward to ask someone about some issue then we can do it ourselves. Close your eyes and imagine your intelligent well wisher (we all have one) lecture you with a sermon which may not be pleasant to listen.

Be ready for a mind changing moment.


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