Your online audios

Online videos and audios offer great potential for teaching, marketing or promoting your cause. With passage of time things are getting easier and easier for people who want to harness the power of audio and video on the web.

Few months ago I discovered which is a service to record, upload and share any kind of audio. My interest was increased when I came to know that BBC also uses this service for their web broadcasts.  So you also have access to the same powerful tool used by one of the top broadcasts companies of the world. The best thing about audioboom is that, unlike soundclound, it lets us upload unlimited audios with the only limitation of 8 minute duration.

I am ok with this time limit because shorter the audio (or video) on the web, the better. People don’t have that much patience listening or watching videos while they are on the web. It is also very easy to quickly record, edit and post short audio files than the longer ones.

Sound recording

You can record your audio for audioboom in 3 possible ways:

  1. Recording using audioboom web-based recording tool.
  2. Download and install smart phone app for audioboom to record and upload.
  3. Record locally using your computer or some sound recording device and then upload your mp3 file directly to your audioboom account.

First step

Seeing is believing. If have anything to do with teaching, marketing or activism and still doubtful about its usefulness than I shall suggest you to create a free account, record a simple few minutes audio, upload and share it with few friends and get their suggest.

My account on audioboom is and I am planning to create one or more audios  everyday.


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