Video recording

There was no update on this blog since January 2014 and for the right reasons. Here is what kept me busy.

By the end of last year I had started experimenting with audio recording of some thing useful. These audio recording were posted to and were mostly on business and self-help topics. With the feedback I realized that audio is easy to consume by many people than a piece of writing as a blog post.

Encouraged with this experience, I quickly switched to video recordings which was also the beginning of the I recorded many interesting videos on diversified topics including doing your own business, education, motivation, sales training, stress management and so on. Now this proved to be really really interesting experience to me in many ways like:

  1. It is much easier to talk and record a video than write something. The nature of video makes it easier to convey a message clearly compared to writing.
  2. Unlike a piece of writing, it is quite easy to convey emotions through a video.
  3. Given a choice people will watch a video rather than read a book.

Initially I used the facility and equipment provided by LCCI. Later on encouraged by the experience I decided to buy some of my own equipment (see the photo); nothing fancy or expensive; just some bare minimum.

So I am back here and hope to write once or twice a week as well as keep creating videos. Do visit, watch some videos and, if you like, spread the word to your friends through social media.

Video recording equipment


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