How to start and run a small tuition academy and school with little or no investment.

Qasim Ali Shah started a small academy with 1 student and now running highly success academy and school with over 1200 students. In this 16 minute talk he shares his secrets with you so that you can do the same.

Some points from this discussion:

1. Counseling and character building of the students should be part of your small academy or school. This is not only a noble thing in itself, it will also do a free marketing for you.

2. Start with one or two students. Don’t wait for long list of registrations before starting.

3. Instead of school, start with an academy. You can start at any day of the year, for any class and for any number of students without the investment which may be needed for school infrastructure.

4. Become friend and mentor of your students. Help them discover their passion and grow.

5. Your academy may take years before becoming ‘overnight success’ so be persistent.

6. Build a good team when you grow.

7. Business / entrepreneurship should be taught from class 8. People who do business have a vision. People who do job are working for someone else vision.

8. Job is a kind of salary and should be avoided whenever possible.

Qasim Ali Shah’s is a public speaker and trainer too. His video lectures can be viewed on youtube, dailymotion and by searching for his name.


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