How to make money using Internet (and how not to)

This is 12 minutes discussion in Urdu by me (Armaghan Saqib) and my friend Atif Mirza on defining how you can make money from Internet and how you can’t.

We have discussed the real and genuine ways as well as scams which are advertised in newspaper with the description “make thousands of rupees while working from home”.

To attend one of my free workshops on doing business through Internet, join my face book page, follow me on twitter or subscribe to my blog.

You can also get notification of fugure lectures / workshops by texting ‘f armaghansaqib’ to 40404 from your mobile phone.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Muhammad Basit says:

    Dear Sir,

    Asalamo Alykum,

    Are you conducting any class(workshop) regarding how to earn money from internet? If so then kindly share the detail of the same for which i shall be highly indebted to you.

    Allah Hafiz & Regards,

    Muhammad basit.

    1. Yes. Will be announced here. Stay tuned.

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