What ‘Doing your business through Internet’ is NOT

Many people have registered for the tomorrow and day-after-tomorrow training sessions on ‘how to do your business through Internet’. This blog post is to clear few mis-conceptions regarding this training session.

I am NOT going to:

  1. Give you or help you with some kind of data entry job, ad posting job or spam email creations.
  2. Help you do online trading of commodities or any other things.
  3. Teach you to do SEO by creating blogs with articles pirated from here or there and then make money by creating and linking a Google ad-words account.

Most of above mentioned businesses are either illegal or scam or both. I advise you to stay from such kind of businesses.

What I am going to talk is about real business which people did without Internet and now Internet makes it easy to do  and with much less investment. Yes, the kind of business people are doing for ages. 

Sorry for the disappointment. I just want to save your precious time if your only intention was to learn about above mentioned scams or illegal businesses.

Looking forward to see you tomorrow or day after tomorrow.


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