Expecting too much from your first Internet business

Ok, you have finally decided to stop waiting for the perfect moment and have taken the plunge to start your own business.

It is probably too much to assume that, once you have a domain name and a website for your first Internet business, customers will start coming to your website in flocks and start showering money on you.

A lot of things need to be done initially or on regular basis to make your business a success. Some of these things can be like:

  1. Trying to figure out how you can be different or more important, remarkable. In Seth Godin words, keep trying to create or identify a purple cow.
  2. Finding some customers through offline salesmanship.
  3. Hand-holding your initial customers, taking them to your website and make them order.
  4. Keep twisting and tuning your business idea. If you started with selling brand replicas, you could turn your site into a gift shop. But take time before doing drastic changes.
  5. Sending personal emails to lots of people.
  6. Keep improving your website daily for clarity, simplicity, better copy, better images and better usability. (Jakob Nielsen and Plain-Text can help you with writing and usability part.)
  7. Keep thinking about it at least few hours a day (if you are doing it part time)
  8. Asking satisfied customers for referrals.
  9. Asking your friends on social media to promote you.
  10. Building a permission based mailing list on mailchimp.com or similar service and integrating it to your website.
  11. Tell stories about your work to people. Stories alone can help you make new customers. Any thing which makes you wonder about your work will also entertain other people.

You probably will need to do all the above things for your second or third or any next business. But then you will already know this and will have experience as well as patience.



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