Out of box thinking

Welcome to lateralthinkingforbusiness.com

We are often asked to think “outside of box”. What is usually meant by ‘out-of-box’ thinking is looking for new ideas by escaping from the old and established ones. This is an important necessity. In Edward de Bono’s words, “You can analyze the past, but you have to design the future.”

Most of the time it is, however, not clear how to do this out-of-box or design thinking. In traditional method of creativity (brain storming), people sit together and then hope to come up with new ideas. There is no defined way to do that.

Edward de Bono’s thinking tools (based upon his model of brain as pattern making and matching system) solve this problem. You now have step-by-step methods to come up with new ideas.

Today we are inaugurating this new website for the sole purpose of promoting the use of lateral thinking tools for business; to think ‘out-of-box’. Future blog posts will explore and explain lateral thinking tools in detail.

Browse our website and stay tuned or subscribe with your email to be notified when we post new and interesting things here.


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