2Checkout Selling Tip: 10 Principles to Effective Website Design

2checkout.com allows you to accept credit card payments without credit card merchant account. Good news is that it can be used in Pakistan too though it is bit expensive than paypal. I have been using 2checkout.com for past many years and very satisfied.

If you are planning to accept credit card payments in Pakistan, 2checkout.com is the way to go.

Few days ago, I received an email from them which contains very useful guidelines on building your business website. This article mentions a smashing magazine article (http://goo.gl/jqtae) worth reading.

Here is summary from 2checkout.com email. Make sure you read the linked article too.

Let’s start with getting back to the basics with your website.  There are a lot of tips out there on how to create an effective website.  There are three consistent tips that just about everyone seems to agree with:

  • Keep your website simple.  Your website should be easy to navigate and should only contain relevant information.  Avoid clutter with too many colors, fonts or graphics.
  • Less is more.  Focus on a few core products and showcase them well with high quality photos and easy to read accurate descriptions.
  • Clearly state your policies and contact information.  Customers should easily be able to communicate with you and should feel comfortable with every transaction.

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    Sir, will the Computer class be held on Sat 03-11-2012.

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