Pay for it; today

Young people are often shy and hesitant when asking for fair payment for their services or job. Some organizations and people take advantage of this weakness and either pay very little or nothing to such people.

Paying for services is important for two reasons:

  1. First, if you get some sort of service from some one, you should pay for it. There is no free lunch. Taking advantage of someone’s weakness or shyness is anything but fair. Refusing payment for services on one pretext or other or on the promise of "future business" sends a wrong signal.
  2. Second, young people who get paid fairly become confident and as a result become more competent. This goes long way towards building a good society. If you treat someone nicely, he or she is going to do the same with other people. So your small act of playing fair and kindness goes a long way towards making this world a better place.

Young people are always looking for clues to learn and understand the society and people around them. Make sure you teach them right things with your actions and behavior.


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