“Rework” redefines how you should work

Rework” has been written by the makers of basecamp, a project management software for small business. Other reason for the fame of these guys is rails framework, an open source programming tool for quick development of web applications.

This book redefines how work should be done and also redefines you, the boss. It debunks many management myths and asks and answers many provocative and interesting questions like:

Do we need to learn anything from failures? (hine: no)

How good your business plans are? (hint: not more than a guess)

Does your business need to grow every year? (hint: no)

What should you do if you don’t have time? (hint: you are lying)

What should be on your corporate mission statement? (hint: get rid of it)

How much outside money you need to start your business? (hint: none)

How long you should prepare before launching your business? (hint: as little as possible, preferably couple of weeks)

How many daily or weekly meetings will help you? (hint: none)

How you can beat your competitors? (hint: by offering less)

Customer is always right. Right? (hint: mostly he is wrong)

Grow with your customers? (hint: no)

The best way to market your product? (hint: teach something)

How much experience you should look for on resumes? (hint: less than a year)

What should be the single most important quality in your staff? (hint: they should be writers)

Should you look for the best and brightest one to hire? (hint: never)

What about using facebook or youtube at work by your employees? (hint: they are not 13 years old)

I probably have missed some other interesting points but the above should be enough to motivate you to read this book.

As Seth Godin has said about this book: Ignore this book at your peril



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