How to sell anything to any body

A summary of Joe Girard’s classic book on selling “How to Sell Anything to Anybody”, written by me, is available. Download your free copy.

Your comments and suggestions are welcome.

Update: Added title image.


One thought on “How to sell anything to any body

  1. Salaam Sir,
    I have gone through all the ebooklet. It is really a great work. The language is very simple and guidelines provided in it are very practical. Simply Impressed.
    Girard’s Law of 250 plays an important role for taking any matter positively or negatively. In this ONLINE world this can create much problems if any customer is not satisfied. Seth Godin emphases on it a lot.
    I have a feeling that BIRD DOG formula will not work much in our society. It can shake the trust which is the most important factor in sales. This has ruined the trust of patients in their doctors who use this technique with Pharma companies and medical labs or vice versa.
    I must congratulate you for providing such a wonderful work. Thanks.
    Hussain Kaisrani

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