Girard’s Law of 250 – How to sell anything to any body (Part 5/n)

On average, everyone of us knows 250 people very well without any sales or marketing effort. These are the 250 people who trust you. You can influence them with your ideas, suggestions or acts of buying stuff.

These 250 are the people you have built contact with as you have lived through your first 20-30 years. This list includes your relatives, family friends, neighbors, teachers, friends, colleagues etc. These are the 250 people who will come to your wedding or funeral.

Girard calls this “Girard’s Law of 250” and discovered it by surveying the catering services for weddings and funeral places. His survay showed that at least 250 people attended any wedding (250 from bride’s side, 250 from groom’s side) or funneral. He terms this law as the most important thing you can learn from him.

If someone is head of a department with large number of people working under him, a salesman of some other product, a union leader, president of a local business association, a barber or a dentist he has influence on more than 250 people.

In this chapter, Girard again emphasis the importance of treating each and every prospect and customer nicely. If you treat a single person badly, Girard’s law of 250 will kick in, and the badly treated customer can tell 250 more people not to do business with you. Those 250 people, in turn, can also influence their own 250s in this way. This chain reaction, which spreads your reputation, is much more powerful than you can imagine.

Joe Girard, the world’s best salesman with record sales to his credit, says that he can’t afford to treat a single customer or prospect badly. Which means we, who still have to make any sort of sales record, surely can’t afford to do that too.


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