The mooch is a human being – How to sell anything to any body (Part 4/n)

This chapter discusses a very important attitude of salespeople towards customers. When you have started selling and have faced a few bad customers, you start building a negative attitude towards all your customers. You start labeling them like "All customers are ….". (Replace ellipses with whatever negative name you use for your customers.)

According to Joe, "The mooch" is the term used by sales people in car sales business in Detroit. Words in your head can be communicated to your customer with your behavior and become harmful.

Joe admits that there is a reason for having bad attitude towards customers:

That’s because we are professionals whose time is worth money, and every day we see a lot of people who don’t seem to be serious about anything but taking up our time. That’s really the problem. That’s really the reason we think of a person as The Mooch, or whatever term you use where you come from.

And there is a reason customers behave strangely too; The sales people themselves don’t have very good reputation themselves in the world. Customers know that sales people are out there to sell them anything by hook or by crook. They also think that sales people have overemphasized the benefits or features and are hiding any product defects.

So before any selling process starts, you need to correct your attitude and you need to make your customer relax and trust. For that you need to treat him like a human by having a good attitude and giving him a fair deal for his money.

This is very important for your first sale to that customer as well as future sales to that customer. In Joe’s case, 6 out of 10 customers every day are either old customers or referrals by old customers. That counts for 60% of business brought by people who were like a human in the past.


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