Description verses direction

Salman Khan thinks that a revolution in teaching using Internet can make this world a better place.

Seth Godin strongly believes that motivating people to produce best possible work on their own can change this world.

Richard Stallman has a strong philosophy on how software should be created and made available to everyone.

Umair Haque believes that capitalism, as it is today, needs to be reformed to make a better world.

Chris Anderson thinks that collecting wisdom from world’s best people in a great format (distributing it via Internet and TED/TEDxs) will change the world for better.

Edward de Bono believes that next big revolution in human history is possible only through better thinking skills.

All these, and other, great people are not just describing what has already happened, they are giving us map for a better world. They are not wasting their (and our) time by describing "what is" but telling us about "what can be" and that too with precise "how to" details.


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