It all begins with want – How to sell anything to any body (Part 3/n)

Chapter 3 ("It all begins with want") is story of Joe’s first sale on his first day at car dealership. He desperately needed money to buy groceries for his family. When he met his first customer, the only thing that was on his mind was bag of groceries which he could buy if he could sell a car to him.

In his own words:

… the feeling I had from the first time I saw the guy that there was no way he was going to get out wihtout buying a car from me. To this day I cannot remember his face, and for a very simple reason: Whenever I looked at him, all I saw was what I wanted from him. And my want was a bag of groceries to feed my family.

Joe says that wanting something badly will make you say or do all kind of right things to make that sale. He emphasises his point with this advice:

If you want, and know what you want, you will have most of what you need to be a successful salesman. I mean that. Noboday can be a great salesman without wanting. Wanting something very much. And the more you want, the more you drive yourself to do what it takes to sell.

In my own experience, I find this advice true. When determined to sell something, I ignore almost all other things. It does not matter how many visits or calls I have to make, or how many long hours I have to work to make my product work the way customer wants. As Joe says, all minor details are taken care of when all you want is to sell to that customer. And it works.

This advice surely filters out all those half-hearted salesmen who have multiple fall-back plans.

Joe had a lousy past. On top of it, he had another handicap; he stuttered. When he became car salesman, he learned to overcome this by talking slowly and carefully.

Learning to overcome stuttering was one of the most important things that happened to me when I started selling. Because it made me think about what I was trying to say and what I should say and what people wanted to hear. That is, something that everbody who sells should do all the time. But having that handicap forced me to do it. I not only cured my self of stuttering that way, I also learned some of the fundamentals of communication, because I learned to listen and to plan every world I said carefully.


3 thoughts on “It all begins with want – How to sell anything to any body (Part 3/n)

  1. Nice sharing Armaghan,

    “all minor details are taken care of when all you want is to sell to that customer.” is important, along with,
    knowing your competitors is also important to sell things to your customers. e.g. why should your customer buy yours and should not buy your competitor’s product?

    All the best and Keep sharing!

  2. You are right Kamil. Both these points (Knowing competitors, why you are better) are important ones. In later chapters, Joe goes into detail in the selling process covering these and other points.

    Overall this book is about basic and hard core selling. Creating demand/marketing is an entirely different topic. I shall ask you to suggest us some really good book or booklet to start with; preferably something which we can download from Internet.

    I shall also recommend my readers to visit Kamil’s blog to learn about marketing. His new series touches the fundamentals of marketing.

    1. Thanks for your reply Armaghan,

      There are some books available for download for free by authentic authors yet i recommend these books to to advanced marketers, who already know and complete understanding of basics. Because, in advanced books, people can’t read in between the lines and may get the wrong or insufficient meaning.

      What I suggest everyone to start watching my marketing cartoons from Episode 1 to onward. This is the best and the “quickest” way to learn marketing concept (after basic concept I’ll move to advanced marketing concept cartoons too)

      Even better, they can ask and discuss concept there on my blog if they anything is not clear in cartoon or any further explanation is required for much better understanding.

      By the way, these are world’s only marketing cartoon videos. Marketing guru, Al Ries, loved this idea and subscribed to it too (I’m honored)


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