The end of a loser – How to sell anything to anybody (Part 2/n)

If you blame your troubled childhood, lack of family resources or lack of opportunities in your country for your current problems, think again. The second chapter of Joe’s book, "The end of a loser, the beginning of a winner" can motivate even the most demoralized people.

  1. He was born to a poor Sicilian family in US and was a constant victim of racial discrimination.
  2. He was born during the Depression.
  3. His father constantly beat him and cursed he was a crap and no good. (And this never got better.)
  4. He started working as shoe shine boy at the age of 8.
  5. Along with shoe shining, he delivered newspapers and sold newspaper subscriptions.
  6. With his two friends, broke into a bar, got caught, stayed in for 1 night in detention, got released by his father and received more beating from him.
  7. Expelled from high school.
  8. Worked in stove factory, did other 40 odd jobs and supported his family.
  9. Joined army but got out of it because of an accident.
  10. Worked as a small gambling house operator and got caught.
  11. Got a job as truck driver in a very small construction business, promoted to supervisor and then became owner. He was then bankrupted by believing into false property information by a seller.

This last disaster left no money in his pocket to feed his kids and became a turning point in his life. This is when he started selling cars.

He describes his experience of selling newspapers subscriptions from door to door and being turned down a lot of time, in these words:

It is no fun being turned down. But I soon found out that the more people I talked to, the more sales I made. And that is fun, and better than fun.

This is an important sales lesson to start with; see as many people as possible to sell your product and then some more.


One thought on “The end of a loser – How to sell anything to anybody (Part 2/n)

  1. Nice motivational lesson. How to muster up the courage & start own business ? need guidance ???

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