Introduction – How to sell anything to anybody (Part 1/n)

You have decided to start your own business. You have identified products or services you want to sell through Internet (or offline). Your website is ready with products list, shopping cart and order management functions.

Or you are a craftsman, author, programmer, your stuff is ready for sale and you have an updated website too.

Now what? You need to sell.

This is probably proving harder than you ever thought. You are going to discover soon that selling is not something that happens automatically even when you create the best product or service in your category.

"How to sell anything to anybody" by Joe Girard was the book that came to my rescue when facing a similar situation. Joe Girad has been world’s greatest salesman. For details see his wikipedia page and website.

Advice in this book is simple, step by step and written with a touch of humor. There are no quotable quotes, no attitude building exercises or any other indirect personal development techniques to become a good salesman: just hard core selling techniques for everyone who wants to sell.

Unlike many other sales gurus, trainers, personal development consultants and authors, he has done the real selling using his techiques and has achieved world records. So it seems reasonable to trust him.


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