Higher Education: An investment with poor returns

At doyourownbusiness.com weekly session (you are welcome to visit us next Saturday) I share my expertise on why and how to setup your online real business. We don’t have any filter (sex, age, education etc.) to restrict people who visit us.

An intelligent and young lady visited us few weeks back. She had just done her MBA from a very ‘superior’ university (I won’t tell you the name of that university). She was worried and frustrated. Her parents had invested a fortune in her education. She was now unable to get a good job. All she got was job offers in call centers or selling; something which she could get into without spending that much money and time on her MBA.

This is just one story. I hear a similar story every Saturday.

Full page ads by these ‘universities’ in Sunday newspapers portray such a green picture that these must be hard to resist by the clueless young people or parents who have done a salaried job all their life and saved hard earned money for the better future of their kids. After all who does not want to do a job which involves sitting in a big furnished office in a multi-national company (MNC) or bank with latest business gadgets around him or her.

Unfortunately the ‘supply’ of MNCs is severely limited. The existing ones don’t have big furnished offices for young graduates of these universities. Banks? don’t get me started.

Technical education (BCS, MCS etc.) is only slightly better. But I really question the value of your education if you cannot develop a web-based database application after a 4 year BCS.

And I am absolutely not with you if you are thinking of doing industry certifications (MCP, OCP, CCNA etc.) after 4 years or 6 years of professional education and without doing any real life work.

Your decision about higher education involves more thinking than just looking at the pretty work place pictures in full page ads or HEC accreditation.

Not going for higher education, learning on your own and doing real work somewhere is one option I strongly suggest you to consider.

Still not convinced? You are welcome to talk to me over a cup of tea.


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