Back to blogging

I had written my last blog post exactly 30 days back on 14th April.

The break in blogging was due to a new (and mostly successful) door-to-door selling experiment which I attempted during that period. I have done door-to-door selling a number of time at different stages of my professional life. Every time it is a real learning experience for me. I highly recommend you to do some kind of door to door selling as soon as possible. If you have never done this ever, you are missing a lot.

Interacting with real people, knowing why they buy your product (and why they don’t), making new friends, changing strategies daily based upon yesterday feed back; all this is nothing less than a wonderful adventure. Reading Seth Godin makes much more sense after attempting such an experiment.

I shall provide more details about this ‘adventure’ in a future post.

I am amazed and grateful that a number of my friends asked me why I was not updating my blog, through facebook, email or phone. Though my blog visitors are in small numbers but still its a great feeling.


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