Search for the easiest way to build your online shop/store

I have been searching for the easiest possible way to build an online store. After trying many things I have settled down for Zencart which is a free and feature rich tool to build your online business. It can be installed on cheap hosting packages available from Internet.

Zencart is good and not-so-difficult e-commerce tool for computer literate people. But it still requires some computer expertise for initial setup and running. This causes difficulty for people who have very basic e-commerce requirements and don’t have the required computer knowledge or can’t spare time to learn.

I have accepted this self-imposed challenge of building the simplest possible e-commerce tool. I shall create this software and provide it as a hosted service. This is how it will function:

  1. Store owner will fill few forms with business information. (Business name, contact detail, history, terms etc.)
  2. Store owner will specify how he is going to accept payment. (Bank transfer, easy paisa, cheques, cash on delivery etc.)
  3. Store owner will upload product images with some description.
  4. Select a theme from the available ones.

The above will be all required to make your online store functional on a subdomain or domain. Being a minimalistic one this new software will lack a number of features and this will be its strength.

With this new minimalistic e-commerce tool/platform I am hopping to help people start taking online orders within few hours.

This software will always stay simple. If you start with this software, become successful and need more features, you can always upgrade to Zencart or even Interchange.


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