Focus: Starting a new business the easy way

Have you ever wondered why you can talk or write a really good email easily but find it really difficult to write a blog post or a magazine article? Here is the reason:

When talking or writing an email, your audience is just one or few people. You can visualize what they need or how to talk to them. You are focused.

When writing a blog post or article, you are thinking about the whole world who is going to read it. You are not focused.

Same thing applies when starting a new business. You should be focused so that you can start it. Instead of trying to cater for all possible customers, market segments, products, services you should narrow down things and focus as much as possible. Out of many available choices you should select as little as possible:


  • Will your business be local, national or international? For a particular country?
  • Will you cater to small businesses, medium business or corporations?
  • Will you do it yourself or hire a team?
  • Will you make the product or buy it?
  • Will you import or export?
  • Will you sell on cash or credit?
  • Will your store/business will be online or off-line?
  • Will you be whole seller or retailer?
  • Will you accept credit cards or use any other method for accepting payment?


Focus is simplicity of your thoughts.


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