A sample of online businesses in Pakistan

Here is a short list of some online businesses in Pakistan. This is just a small sample of online business to give you an idea of what is possible and how people are doing it.

  1. Books, gifts, mobiles, cards: http://www.emarkaz.com/
  2. Women undergarments: http://nighty.pk/
  3. Used and new books: http://www.kitabain.com/
  4. Homeopathy medicines: http://www.masood.com.pk/demo/the-founder-db.php?id=3
  5. Fabrics, garments, bridal dresses: http://www.lavishfabrix.com/
  6. Dresses, Khosa, Shoes, Handicrafts: http://www.786shop.com/
  7. Mobile phones: http://symbios.pk
  8. Computers, mobiles, accessories: http://www.beliscity.com/

If you know some other good online businesses/stores in Pakistan, please share with us in the comments.


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