My notes from Seth Godin’s shipit audio

Idea behind Seth Godin’s shipit journal is simple: Before jumping to start working on your next project, provide answers to some uncomfortable questions. This way you will have more chance of actually shipping your project.

My shipment for shipit journals pack is bit delayed (and I am looking forward to receive it soon). But I am so excited about Seth Godin’s idea that I have listened to the ‘user manual‘ of shipit journal few times. I have made notes of some important points from this audio which I am sharing with you below. I still recommend you to listen to the audio at least once if not more.

Here are the things which you should think about and write down before you start a new project.

1. Name and define the project

2. Exact ship date and time. (Write it with a permanent pen. You can make it as far in future as you would like to.)

3. Who is responsible? (One person exactly)

4. What are you afraid of? Define uncertainty for this project.

5. Why are you afraid? List all reasons.

6. What is your edge? (simple, beautiful, feature rich, fast, quick, easy to use, invention, discovery etc. etc.)

7. Who is the client?

8. Who are the influencer, gatekeepers and authorities? People who matter.

9. Internal people who can stop you.

10. External people who can stop you.

11. Who are your backers? Who have supported you in the past? Who are goto people?

12. What does perfect look like? Be specific.

13. What is good enough?

14. List of things to do. Write as many as you want.

15. Who you see as competition? Name it, list it.

16. What does failure look like? What will happen if you fail?…

(start work on the project and deliver it)

17. Shipped? Yes/No.

18. How it feels now?


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