The start date, the end date and Seth Godin’s Shipit Journal

The simplest recipe for success is of course to start doing what you want to do. But defining the end date (or ship date or finish date) is even more important. You can keep wasting your time on the pretext of ‘learning’, ‘working’, ‘improving’, ‘creating an awesome product’ unless you have defined an end date. I know this because I have wasted a lot of my time this way in the past.

The skill to plan, focus, organize and deliver some value at a particular date is so important that business guru Seth Godin has created a small booklet/pamphlet, shipit, just to help with it. You should buy this small journal for your next project (or even current project.)

If you can’t buy this booklet for some reason, you should at least go through this audio description of the book by Seth Godin himself. It sure will help you to deliver your project on time.

In his message, “wordy people“, deBono says:

Politics is mainly made up of wordy people such as lawyers, teachers, journalists and trade unionists. Such people do not have much experience of constructive thinking – of making things happen. There are many engineers, architects, scientists or executives. Such people do not want to take the risk. If you are not elected the second time you cannot go back to where you were.

I am sure you are not a wordy person. I am also trying not to be one. 🙂

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