Story of two young boys

These young men were working as “account assistants” in a company which hired me to implement accounting software.

Both were unhappy with job. Their unhappiness reflected in their work and, as a result, their boss was less than kind to them. After each ‘training session’ they received from their boss, they swore they were soon going to leave that job to do something better.

And they did. They left their jobs, went abroad and worked really really hard, more than 12 hours each day (and 7 days a week sometime.)

Fast forward 4 years and both were sitting with me a month ago narrating how they did insane amount of labor work, got tired for being away from family and living as illegal immigrants and came back to Pakistan.

I was surprised and lauded them for making a good decision at still a better time of life. I told them about my e-commerce training sessions and encouraged them to start some small business on their own with an Internet based shop.

They had come to seek my help to get a good job (again) but were equally ‘excited’ to start their own business. I assured my support and asked for email addresses so that I could inform about next free training session. They promised to text me as soon as they reached home.

More than one month has passed and I still have not received their emails. Someone has probably helped them get a good job. Good luck.

What I find strange is hard working people like these guys find it so difficult to take their life in their own hands and become entrepreneur. Probably:

  • There is too much emphasis in education is to prepare for a good job.
  • Failure in business venture is feared too much.
  • We don’t understand ‘value’ creation process.
  • We want someone else to do thinking for us.
  • We are in a hurry to ‘recover’ our educational ‘investment’.
  • Mentors who can encourage us to start our own business are rare.
  • etc.

Even “masters” of business administration[1] want to get hired by someone instead of doing something on their own.

[1] MBAs


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