The easiest formula for success is here

Like you I am also searching for the easiest possible formula for success. A lot of people claim to have one but all good ones are difficult.

A number of my friends are planning to start their new ventures but lack of a good ‘formula’ is stopping them. I have mentioned IBM’s founder formula (“double your failure rate“) many times but people are skeptical, especially those with not-so-good academic record. It apparently took them many more years to pass through their school/college using this ‘formula’. Lesson: Formulas need to be applied carefully.

Today I found an ever simpler formula. This helped me to instantly start writing a new blog post. (Which is ‘evidence’ that it works.)

And without any further wait, here is the actual formula:

the most important formula for success which has made millions of people successful is to …………………………………………..START.

Friends, I am sure this formula is going to help you with your new planned business, the new project, the new product or whatever you have been longing to do for ages.


One thought on “The easiest formula for success is here

  1. Sir, no doubt “START” is a very good formula but it should be “OPEN & START”. As before getting start of any thing you need to open your mind first to make plans to get a good start towards success .
    when you make your mind open and start thinking you can definitely plan good to create a success environment. “OPEN” and “START” are like body and sole. in other words: Think with OPEN mind and START with open eyes.

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