Make up of a terrorist mind

A lot of innocent people have been killed in terrorist acts in our country. There was a huge suicide terrorist attack in a busy market a year ago. It killed a large number of innocent children and women.

This incident raised many questions in the minds of common people. The biggest ones are: “What is the mindset of such terrorists and how these horrible people get convinced that it is ok to kill so many innocent people.”

It will be interesting to read the mind of a terrorist who is about to kill hundreds of innocent people. It is nearly impossible but we can hypothesize a bit.

Such people are probably raised into strongly believing something and asked not to question it and even told to actively resist opposing thoughts and questions. They study and listen what they believes is true. They talk to people who have exactly same belief patterns. They have no doubt in whatever they believe.

In lateral thinking terms, such a person has a particular brain pattern which is constantly and consciously reinforced with every new thought. New brain patterns are unable to form because doubts and questions are actively forbidden.

Let us say one such person starts thinking. For this he needs to have doubt and also question his own thinking. Creativity, new discoveries and inventions are possible only when someone questions his own thoughts. Progress in life and great achievements need “doubt” and “question”. It will be extremely hard for such a person, a thinker, to kill himself and so many innocent people.

One last and important question from you: How your belief patterns have been formed?


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