My 2010 failures

2010 is about to end in few hours. I am sitting here and recollecting the memories of this past year. I have been trying to count the number of times I failed badly or missed something very obvious or made a really big blunder. No, I am not going to tell you this count; it is very big and it looks embarrassing.

There were also a small number of success stories, small victories, which helped me live as a normal person and even get better in business, personal life and relationships.

My college told me that failing is a really really bad thing. So I was really afraid of failure when I started my professional life but was desperate to do something. I had to work despite failure because, due to circumstances at that time, I had no other choice.

Later many people told me that failure is a good thing but it is too late now. I am used to it. 🙂

And here is a formula for success by IBM founder: “Double your rate of failure.

If someone is not sharing his failures, he is telling half the truth. No harm. But if he is your mentor, it is time to search for a better one.


One thought on “My 2010 failures

  1. This is one of my favorite post, Armaghan bhi you are really a great learner.

    And great to know you are not afraid of failure anymore. Thanks for the great message. Have a great year ahead!

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