Today you are going to teach me something very interesting

Whenever I open my facebook (or twitter or email) I see a lot of information sent to me.

… Someone is selling the cheapest website development and hosting service and the offer is valid only for a week. (for the last one year.)

… Another friend has just sent me a nice pdf brochure of her upcoming training workshop for a small “investment” of just Rs: 20,000. This is her third workshop in a row this month.

… There is a also a really good offer for a new android phone which I can’t resist. (But I resist as always. ;))

I respect all these people. They are not doing something bad. This is the way we have sold things for ages. Unfortunately I ignore them all, every day.

There was a time when marketing tools were in the reach of selected few; people who could spend a lot of money. Now any one can send you nicely formatted marketing stuff via email, facebook, twitter, costing him or her virtually nothing. And that’s the real problem. I can’t pay attention to all of them with the limited time I have.

On the other hand, I eagerly wait for any update or email from Seth Godin, Edward de Bono or Paulo Coelho (and also from many other similar friends, bloggers, marketers, activists etc.). I know they are going to teach me something new or narrate an interesting story with a lesson.

Its not that I don’t want to buy something from you. It is just that I want to make sure you are going to treat me nicely. (I have purchased almost all books written by authors mentioned above.)

And I know if you are trying to teach me sincerely, you are also going to treat me nicely when I buy something from you.

Sales and marketing people who are selling things the old way using new tools are going to be in real trouble. They need to learn to teach us and/or tell a nice story. Otherwise they should seriously worry about their survival. But that’s their problem, not mine. 🙂

(Thanks Seth Godin for teaching me all this.)

Bonus: This true and touching real story of British writer Bernard Hare, when he was young, teaches us how an act of kindness from a stranger can change us for ever. I am sure going to buy his book. (via HN.)


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