A free lecture on e-commerce/online business. Registrations details.

(See bottom of this post for registration details)

We have been handed over a very powerful business tool. This tool is called Internet. Unfortunately we are slow to realize this.

I will emphasize again: We are very slow to recognize the power of Internet.

Every one of us can (and should) start his/her own business, on Internet, today. For this he does not need to rent an expensive shop, spend a fortune to decorate it and fill it with inventory. He can just start it today with as little as few hours every week.

It was difficult to setup a website. It was even more difficult to setup an online business website which offered a shopping cart and accepted payments using credit cards. Not any more. There are lot of free and inexpensive tools available which make it ridiculously easy.

Many people are afraid of starting their own business. List of excuses is long but the most common are “I am not capable ….”, “I am getting ready …”, “I need to do XYZ before I start my online business ….” etc.

I shall quote Woody Allen here: “80% success is showing up“. Showing up means start doing something as your business and that counts for 80% of success. On my motivation a number of my friends are planning to start their own business, for the last many years. But they are doing just that; planning. 🙂

I am sure you will actually start your own online business after attending this short lecture. You are invited. See the details below.

Lecture outline:

  1. Ecommerce/Online business defined.
  2. Local examples.
  3. International examples.
  4. Available free and paid tools.
  5. Building your online business with free/open source software.
  6. Accepting credit cart payments.
  7. Your first customer and other ingredients of online success.
  8. Role of social media to promote your online business.
  9. Tips for success: KISS and Credibility.

Registration detail:

Date: Saturday, 18-Dec-2010

Time: 4:00 pm.

Place: Center for Human Excellance (CHE).
51-A3, Lawrence Raod, Lahore
Phone: 042-36315350

Pre-requisite: You should be able to use Internet effectively (like using Gmail, Facebook, Blogs etc.)

To register: Email us with subject: “E commerce course registration”.

Upon receiving your confirmation email, you can attend the lecture. Seats are limited to 20 attendees only so come first and get served first.

Edit: Added CHE address and phone number.


5 thoughts on “A free lecture on e-commerce/online business. Registrations details.

  1. Yes Armagahan,

    You are right that, “We are very slow to recognize the power of Internet.”

    But glad to see you are talking about practical steps and trying to help others to get start. I’m coming!

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