Political uncertainty

Political situation is (again) uncertain in our country. People are excitedly watching news channels for breaking news. This is perhaps 6th or 7th such political crisis I have seen in my life. In the past, it got my attention too. Even if I was not watching cable, I was asking for updates from people around me or visiting websites for updates.

Not this time. (and certainly not in future too.)

I am too small to afford this “entertainment”. I want to divert my energies to my work, to do something meaningful. I want to channel my adrelene rush to manage some crisis of my personal life and business.

I was reading Seth Godin’s blog post Merchants of dissatisfaction and this line caught my deep attention:

… the goal of cable news is to make us nervous so we’ll tune in for more

Which also means that more you are disconnected from such news, the better, and with passage of time there will be little or no urge to stay updated.


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