Greed and Fear

I was sitting in the company of a learned friend and he was talking how greed and fear are two big inhibitors of our success and how these two things prevent us from doing anything great.

I quickly scanned my past life. I looked at all the blunders I had committed in the past and realized that this was true.

Some fear is good for our survival but if it overwhelms us we can’t do anything great. To do great things we need to be fearless, willing to fail, and willing to start again.

Making money is not a bad thing but living a life just to make money in any possible way is not something really good. Making money as a result of doing things you love, doing things which make this world a better place, is a better way.

So let us keep this in our mind: greed and fear stop us doing anything great.


2 thoughts on “Greed and Fear

  1. Fear is BAD for us. It pushes us in to spiral thinking, makes us do things that we should not, such as getting worried for what that has not happened. Live out of it!

  2. Well written.

    As you said, fear to some extent is actually built into our defense mechanism and necessary for survival. Gavin De Becker has written a book “The Gift of Fear” where talks about how fear is a very important survival signal that protects us from violence. But that’s a totally different context.

    I agree that fear, in the context you’ve written, is something that holds us back and prevents us from realizing our potential.

    Your blog posts are always unique and informative! Thumbs up 🙂

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