Broaden your perception by believing “everything popular is wrong”

“Everything popular is wrong”. I really love this quote by Oscar Wilde.

It is so easy to believe what majority of other people, media, authorities are saying. It is a safe bet. You don’t need to do any thinking effort. After all, all those people can’t be wrong. Unfortunately there is one problem; it can be wrong, dead wrong; see the quote above.

No, I don’t want you to change your mind instantly. I just want you to believe for a second (or a minute or an hour etc. whatever time span you are comfortable with) that popular view (on a particular issue) is not correct. This will make you start thinking why the opposite/minority view is correct. This will help you broaden your perception.

You can come back to your original, popular believe but you will now know more about the other side for a better perception. One minor point: don’t do it half-heartedly.

Thinking tools EBS and OPV aim to broaden your perception in a similar fashion.


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