An ADI example

I discussed ADI (Agreements, Disagreements and Irrelevant) in a past post. An ADI helps you save time by concentrating on dis-agreements and ignoring irrelevant things. Here is an example of ADI application.

Situation: Government wants to impose a new tax to help people affected with floods. Majority of people/businesses are opposing it:


  1. Affected people need help for which government needs more money.
  2. Trades/manufacturers will make things expensive citing this tax as justification.
  3. Tax will add another layer to an already complicated tax system.
  4. Tax percentage is very small.
  5. Affected people need to be helped as soon as possible so that they get shelter before winter sets in and can start cultivating their land.


  1. Money will be used honestly.
  2. How long this tax needs to be imposed.
  3. There should be a new neutral body to collect and utilize this tax amount in a transparent manner.
  4. People are already voluntarily contributing so no need to impose a new tax.
  5. What should be the income threshold to impose this tax.


  1. Government did not take precautionary measures to forewarn people about floods.
  2. A neighboring country did not impose this tax in a similar situation few years go.
  3. The political party running the government is the one you vigorously oppose.
  4. President/Prime minister should curtail their foreign visits.
  5. A government official has been jailed recently on corruption charges.
  6. President did not contribute a lot of money from his pocket.
  7. You have already voluntarily contributed one month salary.

Do your own ADI on this or another situation and share the outcome.


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