My teachers in college did not teach me this

I was talking to a web developer and was surprised to know that he did not know some basic things/tools quite well. “Our teachers did not teach us write html. We always used MS frontpage to generate it.”, he said.

There was a time when passing out with a graduation degree was enough for success in life. That time is gone long ago. You need to keep learning things every day just to survive.

“I shall learn these things one day when I find lot of time.”, he said.

The problem is that he is not going to find enough time very soon unless he aims to learn it today.

Now learning is not an isolated event or two in your life. It is a continuous process and needs to be done on daily basis. Start doing it today. I am serious.

It is neither a joke nor a quotable quote which we quote to feel good. It is a reality.


One thought on “My teachers in college did not teach me this

  1. I believe that’s a very keen observation, the current students in Pakistan of IT doesn’t really know about the latest things like CSS3 / HTML5 / Flux / Coca / XCode / Ruby On Rails … they are stuck with HTML xHTML etc .. I think the main problem is also that Pakistan doesn’t have Server Parks and local homegrown data centers for youngsters to develop applications and create Tech Startups !.. Our Silicon Vally people are just bunch of manipulators.

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