Attention directing thinking tools

Let us say you visit a particular bookshop twice a month. Someone asks you if there are books on architecture in that bookshop. You are not sure. But next time you visit that place you make some effort to see if there are any books on architecture.

Or you have just returned from a party. Someone asks you how many people were wearing blue shirts. You are not sure. But next time on such party you can make a conscious effort to see the colors of shirts people are wearing.

In both cases, your attention has been “directed” for a purpose; to know something.

We cannot direct our attention to everything everywhere. It is simply not possible because it would require unlimited time. But we should be able to direct it to specific thinking whenever we want to.

This is exactly what deBono’s thinking tools strive to achieve. These direct our attention.

PMI triggers a particular sequence of thoughts. And so does OPV, EBS, CAF or ADI.

These tools make us better thinker without much effort.


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