Eid Mubarik

Today was EID in Pakistan. We celebrated it in the usual manner. We prayed and then went ahead to see our families and friends. And we talked a lot. The general talk was about recent floods, how bad these were and what was going to happen as an outcome of such a big disaster as well as all that regular pessimistic talk about all of our ills.

Well it is true that:

  • Floods have caused a lot of problem for our country.
  • Inflation is too high.
  • Political scene is hot with senseless debates.
  • Law and order situation is out of control.
  • Terror threats are looming.


It is so easy to have a pessimistic feeling.

But you are forgetting one thing which is getting better every day and which should be a reason to be optimistic: YOU.

  1. You are getting better every day by learning new things and having new experiences.
  2. You are making new connections with wonderful people.
  3. You are becoming a better thinker every new day with more wisdom.

My life was really dull and boring until I learned that I needed to learn something new every day and improve upon what I was yesterday. Now I look forward to each new day. I am privileged to have you as my friend and advisor.

Thank you and Eid Mubarik.


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