Some experiences from teaching thinking tools

When I was writing about APC and its examples, I remembered those old days when I had started teaching thinking tools in 1995. I had some really amazing experiences.

My first surprise was how easy it was to understand and start using a thinking tool by the participants. I hardly needed more than 10 minutes to explain a tool. Participants were able to quick grasp and apply it instantly.

The second important realization was how limited an individual’s percpetion can be. In a typical class, there were 3-6 participants. They were given 1-5 minutes (depending upon the tool) to write the outcome on a piece of paper. Once time was up, everyone read his points for other people. When (for example) doing APC on various made up (and then actual) scenarios, every one was able to come up with unique points of his own.

The third interesting aspect was participants’ feedback after the training sessions. Participants always said they had feelings of clear thinking and relaxed mind.

So give thinking tools a try. You may be surprised by the outcome.


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