I am writing a new book. Believe me.

My first book, IT Hand Book, was published by Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry in 2006. The book dealt with the use of open source software in business. A lot of praise (ok, not much but quite enough for me) motivated me to write my next book. In that book I wanted to share my learning and experiences.

I even announced that new book. “I am writing another book and it will be in your hands within few months.”, I told every one. Every one was impressed (and that was what I wanted. :))

Those few months stretched to four years and I could not write a single page of my next book. At first I thought it would be easier but for some reason or another it proved too difficult and demanding on time.

I have managed to write on my blog regularly and I am trying to get better every day by investing time into my writing. Now there is some hope that I shall be able to finish this overdue book by consolidating my posts.

Seth Godin writes in his blog post “You should write an ebook“:

It’s technically easy and when it works, your idea will spread far and wide. Even better, the act of writing your idea in a cogent, organized way will make the idea better. You can write an ebook about your travel destination, your consulting philosophy or an amazing job you’d like to fill.

Enough to motivate me even more.

So believe me. I am writing a new book.



7 thoughts on “I am writing a new book. Believe me.

  1. I certainly believe you!

    I have a question: what are the steps towards publishing a book? Apart from having the content, what are the other technical steps? Specifically the ones which apply in Pakistan.


  2. Osman,

    Getting books published in Pakistan is still probably cheaper than any other country.

    According to my limited experience:

    1. Negotiating/contract with a publisher.

    2. Content, proofreading, corrections, proofreading, corrections etc. Rinse, repeat as needed.

    3. Advice/editing/reading by a professional editor.

    4. Layout/formating by typesetter.

    5. Press / printing

    6. Marketing/distribution/selling by you and by publisher.

    In my case I shall be self-financing my book so the negotiation/contract part will probably be skipped.

    I am also going to make the PDF (full or part) available free of charge but nothing concrete yet.

  3. Cool! Good to know that!
    I was also thinking to write one on marketing and branding. Let’s see when my lizard brain forgives me:)

    Looking forward to your new book.
    Really, I’m happy for you. (And I don’t think I have to say that “I mean it”)

    All the best

  4. Thanks Kamil for your best wishes. I know you mean it.

    In case of my new book, I think it will still take some time but I am writing it in small bits daily and sharing with you. 🙂

    In your case, I am sure you can write it without much fight with your lizard brain. Your new series of small posts is surely the way to go and can be re-purposed into a book.

    There is a lot of noise and confusing in the field of branding (and so important self-branding) and I am sure you can clear and simplify all things around branding.

    I should probably post this on your facebook page. I am looking for something about personal/self branding. Probably a new blog post on this topic is due at kamilali.com?


  5. Armaghan,

    Thanks for the motivation.
    Well, sooner or later, I’ll be writing one.

    The chief reasons of confision and mess in the field of brand marketing, specially in Pakistan, is due to 1. lack of marketing education + 2. Using only common sense for marketing.

    Sure, I’ll write on personal branding. Let me finish with this series. I have plans to write some mnore series. Meanwhile you can read my this article for personal branding : http://www.kamilali.com/2010/02/only-pakistani-in-worlds-top-marketing.html

    And did I mention that Al Ries also commented on this article?? Must read his comment! It’s at the top of all comments!

    All the best,

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