Users are going to love this Gmail feature. Mass email marketers are going to hate it.

The new “Priority Inbox” feature of gmail divides your Inbox into three sections.

No more hunting of important messages in your inbox full of unread messages. Gmail will automatically identify the important messages based upon the frequency of your contact/replies and probably few other things. You can also mark a message as important using + button.

This feature will keep all those emails which are not spam but still unnecessary or unimportant (like a promotion from your favorite store or a funny movie clip from a friend etc.) at the bottom of your inbox.

This feature has interesting implications for mass email marketers. Your messages are going to end-up at the bottom part of the inbox and probably will get a lot less attention (or none at worst) then these get now. Time to read “Permission Marketing” by Seth Godin. First four chapters are free.


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  1. Adnan J says:

    Yup I’m loving this feature and started to kick out alot of SPAM mail. On the other hand SPAM filtering softwares do help sometimes in Outlook and other Mail Management Softwares as well.

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