‘It is a trade secret’ is a sign of ignorance now

There was a time when you could get away saying “It is a trade secret”. We were doubtful whether there really existed some secret or you were just bluffing. We were really not sure. We gave you benefit of doubt and status of an expert.

It is really amazing how Internet has changed all this. All amazing people in the world are sharing their wisdom and expertise generously through free ebooks, websites, blogs and social media tools.

We still need you as an expert. We still want to pay you handsomely because you are an expert and can help us ignore the 90% which does not matter.

But now we know you are not an expert. You are just bluffing us about secret knowledge. And we know this for sure.

Photo credit: http://www.flickr.com/photos/phauly/35555985/


2 thoughts on “‘It is a trade secret’ is a sign of ignorance now

  1. You mean “100 secrets of successful married life” type of books? Right? 🙂

    These are just catchy titles and these books are revealing the “secrets” just like you are revealing branding secrets or I am revealing “secrets” of living a simple life.

    I am talking about those people (consultants) who pretend that they know a lot and will tell you only when you hire them. They are reluctant to share anything otherwise.

    I know a number of such big consultants and I simply ignore them.

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