Some real life math quiz

Do you ever wonder why you can’t get a job even after studying for 14 or 16 years? This is an evidence how our education system is disconnected from real life.

Literacy (knowledge) and operacy (skill of doing) are two entirely different things. In our schools and colleges all emphasis is on literacy. The neatly drawn problem sets which assume that all other things remain constant simply don’t existing in real life.

Here are few questions with correct and incorrect answers.

Question 1: Two laborers can dig a hole in 6 days. How long will it take for 4 laborers?

Incorrect answer:

  • 3 days

Correct answers:

  • Probably 20 days if it is raining.
  • Probably 12 days if laborers cannot work in harmony.
  • Probably hole cannot be dig at all because of some land dispute.

Question 2: Two masons can build a wall in 10 days. How long will it take for 1 mason.

Incorrect answer:

  • 20 days

Correct answers:

  • 12 days because now the only mason left is working hard instead of talking to the other one.
  • 8 days because the laborer helping him is very efficient.
  • 3 months because raw material is finished.

Question 3: There are 10 software developers working hard on a software project. Project is delayed by 2 years. How can we speed up the development?

Incorrect answer:

  • Double the software developers. Offer incentive/overtime to the developers.

Correct answers:

  • Reduce the software developers to half. (will reduce communication time and increase development time.)
  • Cut the already planned features. (can be developed later if ever needed.)
  • Dump the project and buy subscription of an online service with similar functionality.

(This can be an interesting exercise to do on your own. Write a question and then write down right and wrong answers.)

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2 thoughts on “Some real life math quiz

  1. Really interesting and TRUE! Today my Facebook status was updated with the following quote.

    ~ The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education. ~ -Albert Einstein

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